Surgical Consent Form

  • Pre-Anesthesia Blood Testing

  • Like you, our greatest concern is the well-being of your pet. If your pet is here for a procedure that requires anesthesia, we recommend that a blood test be performed before anesthesia is administered. Many conditions, including diabetes and disorders of the liver, lungs, heart, kidneys and blood such as anemia & infection can only be detected through blood work. While no amount of testing can predict all possible reactions to anesthesia, pre-anesthesia blood testing gives us a better idea of your pet’s health. Results will be available prior to anesthesia and/or surgery.

    Our discounted Pre-Op Chem Panel and CBC Costs are:
    Pets under 7 years old: $80
    Pets over 7 years old: $95 (more levels are checked)

  • Post Operative Pain Management is Included in the Cost of Elective Surgery

    The doctors and the staff here care about the level of care and comfort your pet is provided while hospitalized at our facility, as well as their comfort once they are discharged and are back at home with you.
    Since pets aren’t able to tell us about their discomfort, we provide additional pain management following surgery and upon being discharged after surgery to ensure your pet’s continued comfort. This is included as part of your pet’s surgical procedure.
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