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Dental Consent Form

  • About the Procedure

  • A dental cleaning for dogs and cats involves a FULL MOUTH health examination, cleaning and polishing of teeth. Dental cleanings are performed under anesthesia, the price of which is included in the cost of the procedure. Pets are always prescribed antibiotics following dental cleanings and may require pain medication depending on your pet’s needs. These come at an additional cost.
  • Pre-Anesthesia Blood Testing

  • Like you, our greatest concern is the well being of your pet. Before administering anesthesia, we recommend that a blood test be performed. Many conditions, including diabetes and disorders of the liver, lungs, heart, kidneys and blood such as anemia & infection can only be detected through blood work. While no amount of testing can predict all possible reactions to anesthesia, pre-anesthesia blood testing gives us a better idea of your pet’s health. Results will be available prior to anesthesia and/or surgery.

    Our discounted pre-op blood test prices are:
  • Pets under 7 years old: $80
    Pets over 7 years old: $95 (more levels are checked)

  • It can be difficult to predict if teeth need an extraction when an animal is awake because tartar and movement can interfere with the assessment. Severely diseased teeth can cause considerable pain and discomfort and are a source of infection for other organ systems (liver, kidney, lungs and heart). During the dental cleaning the teeth are evaluated and if found to be diseased, they may require extraction for an additional fee. The cost can vary depending on the amount of teeth being extracted, the time taken and the difficulty of the extraction.